Toyota Motor overall improved and put the sedan and the wagon of compact car "COROLLA" on the market on the 11th.
The 11th successive generation of the sedan after an interval of seven months of about five years. Minimum turning radius was assumed to be 4.9 meters that were 0.2 meters shorter than the old model by shortening the total length of the body by about five centimeters, and the small turn was made to work. View in the driver's seat is widened and safety has been improved.

It is time when fuel cost doesn't equip the option and it excels by about 10 percent compared with the homotype car of 20.6 kilometers of the the greatest a fuel liter (JC08 mode) and another manufacturers.
The price : from 1 million 357 thousand yen. It sells in the Toyota Corolla shop in the whole country, and "Carorraacshio" of ..sales during month.. sedan expects 4000 as for 3000 and wagon "COROLLA Fielder".

It produces in the Miyagi shop of vehicle subsidiary "Central car". The conference lingua Toyota Shou president : in this shop. 「It is possible to get on more than before and safely and safely. Ultimate shape of compact vehicle」It solved and confidence was shown.

The new model secures spaciousness more than conventional. The sedan is four centimeters between knee Maezora in the posterior sinus seat, and wagons are 41-centimeter enlargement linguas as for the the greatest load department general manager.

New Carorraacshio (left) that Toyota Motor announced and Fielder (Koto Ward, Tokyo on the 11th) Http://www.

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Honda is an efficient sports car that had ended production in a North America international show in 05 on the ninth The concept car that became the succession of "NSX" was announced.
The research and development is advanced in the United States, and it aims at the sale until 14 year-end.

In not only Japan but also US market, NSX that had been put on the market in 90 was popular as the sports car of the leading edge.
The concept car announced this time installs the hybrid system of a newly developed sports type, and achieves coexisting of energy efficiency and powerful Hashiri.
The motor is installed in the front wheel part in addition to the electric motor that assists the engine respectively, and the turning performance has been improved.
Takashi Ito president is an assertion as for advancing development in the base of this company in the U.S. Ohio.
"Production in the United States is put in view" was clarified.

Moreover, Toyota Motor is a concept car of luxury car brand "Lexas" on the same day "LF-LC" is announced.
The completely novel design was remarkable by the sports car that showed the polarity of Lexas of the next generation.

On the other hand, Honda announces that they produce small sedans "ILX" of "Acura" brand that will be put on the market this spring in the United States on the same day. Honda's producing hybrid vehicles in foreign countries becomes the first time.

The source
Succession model of NSX that Honda announced
- Honda
It the first in the world ..three Acura new model.. announces by a North America international show in 2012 January 10, 2012,
NSX concept
Http:// stock price
- Toyota Motor

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The United States North America corporation (Nissan) of Nissan Motor connected ABB of the electrical power system equipment major in Switzerland, United States Sumitomo Corporation of the Sumitomo Corporation United States corporation, Forarlenaga of the co-parent company of Nissan and Sumitomo Corp. (Yokohamashi Nishiku), and the partnership agreement. The battery after it uses it by electric car (EV) "Reef" of Nissan in the United States is done, and the done business for two Tsugutoshi is discussed by four company cooperation, the market trend is examined, and the technology assessment etc. are done.

After it uses it with EV having a long life compared with a personal computer and a small battery for the cellular phone, the lithium ion battery for EV can be used again as a fixed battery. Nissan starts up Forarlenaga with Sumitomo Corp. for in September, 2010, and is advancing making to the business for two Tsugutoshi in Japan-domestic. It unites, and the establishment of the business model is sped up with ABB that boasts of the United States top share in power transmission and the supply of electric power business field in the United States.

Four companies examine use to commerce, the industrial accumulation of electricity system, and the backup power supply, and execute a trial manufacture system development, a demonstration test, and a business assessment, etc.Jointly assessing it straightens the electric power at time zone with few electric power usages, becomes an accumulation of electricity system that returns it to the power grid at sought-after time zone, and enables an effective electric power demand and the supply adjustment. It is possible to use it as a backup power supply of the power failure and power saving.

The accumulation of electricity system becomes an important factor in a smart grid (next generation power grid) indispensably to the large-volume injection of the renewable energy like the photovoltaic power generation and the wind power, etc.Therefore, the system that it is efficient and the reliability is high is being requested by the United States. Four companies search for the possibility of the accumulation of electricity system that improves cost competitiveness by doing the battery of the reef for two Tsugutoshi while staring at a smart grid.

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